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         Hello. My name is Aleksey or just Alex.

       I'm professional Half-Life Adrenaline Gamer player who won  a lot of LAN's and tourneys like ESL and Best of the Best so I was a wolrd champion till the break in 2013. A lot of people think that I'm still the best world player but i dont think so. There are a lot of strong players who are younger and learn this game faster but I try to stay at the top.

      Nowadays I'm trying to keep this game alive by hosting different tounreys, creating  fragmovies, fun videos, uploading old demos against the best Half-Life players in a history like Worldspawn, Rayvex, Term, Spydah, Rammy, Castillio and others. 

      At this web you can find everything you need  for  a game so feel free to download my sprites,      models, demos and dont forget to join the          tournaments. And of course you can donate some money which i use for poolprizes.

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