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Base Rules


1.  AG6.6 and OpenAG clients are allowed.

2. FPS limit is 144.

3. Gamemode is TDM. HLCCL is allowed if both players agreed before the match.

4. EGON is forbidden. In case BOTH players agreed to use it BEFORE the match - egon is allowed.

5. Its FORBIDDEN to use ghost/teleport satchels and mining. For deliberate use of these bugs the player will be BANNED from the tourney. NO WARNINGS!


6. Both players have to play at the servers with the most equal ping. Since its EU/SNG tournament series - american players CANNOT force you to play @ usa servers. However they can force you to play any servers from the list of allowed EU/RU servers.

    Allowed servers: - AGHLDM DE#1 - AGHLDM NL#1 - AGHLDM DE#2 - AG Community #3 - AG Community #5 - Kraskovo Chili |DE| - Kraskovo Appolo |DE| - Kraskovo Vibrations |DE| - Late night Frankfurt #1 - Late night Frankfurt #2

7. Its forbidden to interrupt or interfere to start the match. Also dont spam with modelname or nickname or votes.

-Technical things-

8. Any kind of cheats are forbidden.

9. EVERY player must record the demos of EVERY match. There are 2 ways to do that:

- use "agrecord" command @ console

- use "record XXX". ххх is your demoname

10. Xbow (Fast zoom), Ducktap, Auto bunnyhope are ALLOWED. Gauss sound bug is FORBIDDEN.

11. Allowed models are red and blue. Valve models can be used if opponent agrees. It's forbidden to switch models once game is agstarted.

12. Its forbidden to insult other participants and admins. For the 1st time you will be warned, for the 2nd banned.

Unsunscribed cases discuss in PM with admins.

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